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Want to support our game?

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For a low price of £2.50/month, you can get exclusive access to some of our most recent game builds and be the first group to enjoy them. 

How does it work?

To help fund the development and upkeep of our services, we require monthly funding. We are aware that there is only a handful of items we can offer since the game is not yet released, so we had the idea of allowing people to view recent game builds for a small cost, to help us cover our monthly expenses. This is a simple, safe and easy way how you can help us cover our costs, while also getting to play the current stage of the game. We wanted to make this as easy as we can, so you can cancel the subscription at any time, with no additional costs. 

How do I get access?

Firstly, we will only have a limited amount of available slots per month, so if there is a high demand you may need to wait till more spaces come available.  Access will be given once the first payment of £2.50 has been received. You will pay for and access the game on this website for as long as your subscription is active.

Once you have paid, an email will be sent to your email address associated with your PayPal account. This will then allow you to create an account on the website and use the Inside Access Subscription Features. 

What can I expect?

As with the prototype, features and functionality at first will be minimal, these must be tested thoroughly before moving onto the next stage of development to ensure we don’t have to revisit these functions in the future. While we plan to add game updates whenever possible, some updates will require internal testing from our staff team due to the possible security implications of releasing to the public. So bearing that in mind, although we will release updates when possible, however we cannot provide a release schedule due to the unpredictability and nature of the project.     

For more information and before continuing, please see our MegaPlanet Inside Access Terms & Conditions

Want do I get?

During your subscription, you will have access to the following perks: 

– Access to some of the latest game builds
– MP Parliament (Feature Voting)
– Username Reservations
– Exclusive Previews

More coming soon!

For every month you are subscribed you will also get the following in the final game:

– 1500 Credits per month.

– 15 Gold per month.


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